Beginning Farmer Equipment Workshop in New Jersey

Beginning Farmer Equipment Workshop in New Jersey on October 12

There is big gap for new farmers seeing in operation the tremendous variety of equipment required to be an efficient, profitable, part-time, small farmer on high priced land. Many sources provide small-scale farming information, directed toward helping people explore farming and farm lifestyle goals. These include NOFA Small Farms Dream, NE Small Farms Institute, and Cornell Beginning NY Farmers online materials.

What is missing are real-world equipment demonstrations for prospective farmers. This practical field day provides comprehensive view demonstrating 7 varieties of equipment used by successful farm operations. With our inventory and experiences using specialized equipment in small fields, our research farm is in a unique position to fill this void helping people realize their farming goals.

For general information on this event Go To:

Here is a working agenda of 7 equipment stations covered:
It will be challenging to cover 7 equipment groups in one day, rain or shine, but that’s our goal.

This event will be hosted by Jack Rabin of Rutgers, through his affiliation with Northeast SARE

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