Beginning Farmer Regenerative Ag Training in California

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New Training in Regenerative Ag for Beginning Farmers at the Permaculture Skills Center in Sebastopol, California

We all know the farming industry is changing. We designed our Farm School to cultivate a new generation of farmers and food entrepreneurs that succeeds in this climate. The inaugural session begins this August (2015).

You can read all about the program on the website (!farm-school/c1ete). To give you a quick overview: PSC’s Farm School combines the “nuts and bolts skills” of ecological farming with business training and a personalized mentorship. Farm School kicks off with an 8-week intensive course that will give students a major download in the skills needed to run a successful, earth- and people-friendly farm, from farm design, water management and soil ecology to business planning, budgeting and understanding the regulatory framework. At the end, students will be poised to launch farms or food-related businesses that respond to the market demands of their region’s food system. Our classroom incorporates the many productive farms, innovative farmers and rich local food scene of Sonoma and Marin Counties!

To make it a little easier for you to support us in this, please find below several templates for Facebook posts and some pictures you may want to add. Of course, fee free to edit these or contact me with any questions.

If you have suggestions on support for our students please contact Farm School Director Miriam Volat at We are particularly interested in connecting our new Farmers with farm land, experienced mentors, potential markets, and farming partners.

Farm School will help you…

•       Identify your niche in a thriving local food system.
•       Start or expand a profitable farm or food-related business.
•       Design regenerative farm systems that increase the life-supporting capacity of your land and your revenue.
•       Write a business plan for your socially responsible farm or food business that is embedded in your regional food economy.
•       Leave with key hands-on skills to jumpstart a successful operation.
•       Become a leader in your food system through a deeper understanding of agricultural policy and pathways for social influence.

Aug 16 – 19: Ecological Farm Design
Aug 23 – 26: Seeds and Planting your Farm in the Regional Economy
Aug 30 – Sept 2: Soils and Fertility Cycling
Sept 6 – 9: Crop Planning and Harvesting for Diverse Markets and Community Resilience
Sept 20 – 23: Regenerative Water Systems for Food
Sept 27 – 30: Land Access and Tools for Farming
Oct 4 – 7: Animals, Agroforestry and Integrated Farming
Oct 11 – 14: Energy, Weeds, and Growing Health

A 6-month mentorship follows the intensive course. We’ll help pair you with a knowledgeable mentor based on your goals and desired area of focus in the food system. The mentorship will provide you with invaluable time-tested wisdom and feedback to help rapidly put your planning into successful practice. Mentorships run from October to March, 2015


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