Beginning Farmer Stories Wanted for Publication

You might have seen the greenhorns guidebook for beginning farmers:
The great news is that on the merit of that little pocket guide we got a book deal from Storey Publishing to expand the guidebook with essays from young/beginning farmers.
Greenhorns GUIDEBOOK is a resource for the new generation of farmers who are popping up all over the country. This collection of essays and stories conveys our ethic of thrift, innovation, persistence and strength. One part pep talk, one part advice column, and one part celebration, this book aims to give readers a taste of the beginning farmer experience: the pitfalls and the poetry of choosing a livelihood so far left of mainstream–of building a business around our love of agriculture. The book will give new and aspiring farmers – Greenhorns – a glimpse of the road ahead in order to help them steer a satisfying and realistic trajectory into farming. For non-farming readers, this collection of witty, gritty, raw essays written from the trenches will shed some light on what it takes to pay your bills when you decide to start growing food for a living.

In the collaborative spirit of The Greenhorns Project, these written pieces by young and beginning farmers are woven together with how-to guidance and interjected with wise words from our agrarian elders. Inspired by the pluck and purposeful protagonism of these young farmers, we hope that readers, eaters, voters and moms will come to understand the tremendous potential of sustainable agriculture in the reclaiming of America.

THIS IS THE LAST CALL for essay submissions. The deadline has been extended to January 15th. Please send essays to or ask us questions!

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