Beginning Farmer Webinar Series

Beginning Farmer Webinar Series

Each winter, Michigan State University Extension offers a Beginning Farmer Webinar Series targeted at people who want to start a farm business or have less than ten years of experience running a farm business. These are very high quality webinars. People can register online and connect from their home, office, library, etc.

Each webinar is only $10 per connection. Live webinars take place in the evening from 7-9 pm; however, recordings are also available if people cannot connect during the live program.

We are hoping you can help us spread the word about these programs or perhaps host a viewing of some of the webinars for the public to attend.

Register online at:

2016 Michigan State University Extension Beginning Farmer Webinar Series

Getting Started with….

January 18: Malting Barley
January 20: Tomato Diseases, Insects and Disorders
January 25: Climate Change and Agriculture
January 27: The Basics of Raising Pigs
February 1: An Introduction of Edible Chestnut Production
February 3: The Food Safety Modernization Act
February 8: Growing Raspberries in High Tunnels
February 10: New Crops for New Customers
February 15: Native Bees for Pollination
February 17: Integrated Pest Management Resources at MSU
February 24: Wheat Agronomy
March 2: Growing Cider Apples
March 9: Biosecurity: Protecting Farm Animal Health
March 16: Growing and Marketing Christmas Trees
March 23: Getting Your Land Ready to Grow Organically
March 30: Meat Goats
April 4: The Basics of Insect Morphology
April 11: Hay Production
April 13: Compost Production and Use for the Small and Mid-Sized Farm
April 18: Specialty Cut Flower Production and Handling
April 20: Irrigation on Small Farms
April 25: Accepting Food Assistance Benefits to Increase Your Sales
April 27: Selecting a Tractor for Your Small Farm

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