Beginning Farmers Reading List October 9, 2012

Here is the Beginning Farmers Recommended Reading List for October 9th, 2012

Organic Farm Sales Reached $3.53 Billion in 2011, USDA Says

Excerpt: A survey by the Organic Trade Association last year showed that in 2010, retail sales of organic goods rose 7.7 percent to $28.6 billion from the previous year, outpacing the 0.6 percent growth in total food receipts. The figure represented about 4 percent of the overall food-products industry, the group said. Organics comprised about 12 percent of all U.S. fruit and vegetable sales that year, it said. Read the full article at

The Upstart Cattleman

Excerpt: Will Harris broke the mold on farming and built the most successful organic beef operation in Georgia. But first he had to break with four generations of family history. Read the full article at

This awesome lady scientist explains microorganisms to geeky chefs

Excerpt: Fermentation is so hot right now, or, more accurately, the ideal lukewarm temperature that allows the correct microorganisms to thrive and turn your [insert any vegetable you could possibly think of here] into a delicious, salty treat. And while your average Brooklyn pickle-master might have wondered about the tiny creatures who work this magic, there are serious chefs out there who really want to know. Read the full article at

The Fight Over Food Deserts – Corporate America Smacks Its Way Down: A scathing critique of Walmart’s “local food” campaign

Excerpt: A recent study out of Loyola University in Chicago focusing on the impact of a Walmart that opened on the west side of Chicago in 2006 indicates that the new facility cost the local economy as many jobs as it created. The Loyola University study also examined tax revenues for 18 months before and after the retailer opened its doors and found no evidence of increased local economic activity. Read the full article at

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