Beginning Farmers Wins Chicken Website Award

I am pleased to inform all my loyal readers that Beginning Farmers has been presented with a Chicken Website Award from As trivial as this might seem to some of you, it’s actually really nice for me to have my efforts recognized. For all you chicken lovers out there, I would also suggest that you check out their website, which has fantastic information about chicken breeds, feed, breeding chickens and much more.

Anyway, here is what they sent me in presenting the award:

“We at  are pleased to present you with a Chicken Website Award for excellence in chicken information, whether that be facts on breeds, tips on how to raise the best chickens, or just a general enthusiasm for the feathered farm friends. We enjoy finding new websites that act as a good resource or diversion into the world of chickens, so we try our best to recognize the sites that we’ve found. Beginning Farmers is one such site, and we want to thank you in our small way.”


And if you want to know how Beginning Farmers was chosen, check out the chicken page at:

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  1. Kudos! Well deserved, and congratulations.

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