Better Farm’s Sustainability Education Program

Better Farm’s Sustainability Education Program in Redwood, New York is a hands-on, immersive, introduction to sustainability initiatives. The certificate program equips students with a variety of solutions to real-world agricultural issues, including small spaces, temperamental soils, pests, and climate change. The aquaponics, hydroponics, layered gardens, fruit orchard, and forests on the property are extremely varied so students coming from all over the world will learn practical tools that can be applied back home.

The Sustainability Education Program runs in one- to three-month intervals. Those attending receive daily assignments and chores all related to sustainability initiatives and organic farming, as well as the opportunity to design and implement projects on their own. Units include but are not limited to rainwater catchment, compost, alternative energy, green construction, beekeeping, organic farming and gardening, small livestock care and outdoor survival.

Individuals are immersed from day one in the local culture while working alongside other residents at Better Farm and in the Redwood community. Also staying at Better Farm are staff members and artists visiting through the betterArts Residency Program. Individuals should be prepared to take on solo work as well as group efforts; ranging from mundane tasks to unusual, exciting projects.

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