Biodynamic Farming Internships in Georgia

Biodynamic GardenLooking for enthusiastic people (approx 2 or 3) who want to learn small scale sustainable hort./Ag  Tierra Sonrisa is a demonstration market garden in Chattahoochee Hills Georgia, located 30 miles south of Atlanta for 2015. We practice Biodynamic, French intensive, Permaculture design and Integrated Pest Management, research and education center.  It is also home to Recovery Eco Ag Project an educational Nonprofit. Tierra Sonrisa grows about 35-40 different vegs and herbs, 15 types of fruits and over thirty varieties of cut flowers for market all integrated into a balanced system of agroecology. There are limited facilities here that need to be worked on. This is an opportunity to learn sustainable horticulture and small scale agriculture; composting, soil development, propagation, companion planting from 5 principles, Biodynamics, permaculture, integrated entomology, holistic pathology, marketing. and how to heal land in a sustainable manner. Time frame for interns is March through the Oct. Schedules are very negotiable. The work is labor intensive and very rewarding. method here are well beyond organic.

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  1. Hi Frank,
    We met at the Seed Swap yesterday and I thought I could find your contact info on

    Unfortunately I couldn’t get that website to come up.

    I found this website that mentioned you, so I’m hoping you receive this message.

    I’m hoping that you can send me the contact info for the group in the Atlanta area that you mentioned had Service Berry trees.


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