Commercial Urban Agriculture Training Program

commercial urban agricultureGrowing Power Presents: Commercial Urban Agriculture - Training Program (February 2015 - June 2015); Held at 5500 W. Silver Spring Dr., Milwaukee, WI 53218

Urban agriculture contributes nutritious, flavorful food to communities through year-round local food production.  The ability to produce and distribute food throughout local neighborhoods is important as the demand for nutritional, good-tasting food continues to grow throughout the country.  It is crucial that this healthy food be available to individuals and families in ALL neighborhoods! While healthy food production is perhaps the most important aspect of urban agriculture, other benefits abound as well.  Sustainable farming methods and food production contribute to the beauty of urban landscapes while at the same time playing a crucial role in strengthening healthy environmental management practices within our cities.  Additionally, urban farmers and residents benefit as both the economic and social impacts strengthen neighbors and neighborhoods. Growing Power’s Commercial Urban Agriculture Training Program will help you to manage your own farming business, while allowing you to learn on-site; actually practicing the hands-on skills needed to profitably farm in the city.  The course is a series of five weekend seminars, running January through May, and takes place at Growing Power’s training facilities in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

This practical adult education training program is designed to assure that you will have the tools to begin your urban farming project when the training concludes.  One-on-one advising is part of the program, both as you work between sessions to develop your farming plan and at the conclusion of the formal program.  This program is designed for those individuals who are serious and ready to contribute to the food system in their communities as members of the farming profession.

 The course is a series of five, three–day weekend seminars, January through May (participants are expected to attend and participate in all five, three-day sessions).   The program begins on Friday and continues on Saturday mornings with small class meetings.  Participants then move into hands-on learning on Saturday afternoon and Sunday.  During this time, attendees concentrate on skill building focused on the participant’s individual farming business. 


February 20, 21, 22
March 20, 21, 22
April  10, 11, 12
May 1, 2, 3
June 12, 13, 14


$2,800.00 for five weekend seminars.  Meals are included (fees are non refundable. )

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Topics Covered:

Business Planning

  • Planning your commercial urban farm
  • Financing opportunities/Lending programs
  • Building relationships in the urban community
  • Creating A Realistic Business Plan
  • Marketing (direct marketing & wholesale)
  • Retail, packaging, market-ready
  • How to find and secure space (land)
  • City regulations, zoning, and licensing


  • Composting
  • Worm farming
  • Soil testing
  • Horticulture
  • Farm without using chemicals
  • Aquaculture
  • Bee-keeping
  • Small farm equipment and tools
  • Food processing
  • Water usage
  • Renewable energy
  • Labor issues

For more information, please contact Erika Allen, Commercial Urban Agriculture Coordinator for Growing Power with subject title “CUA Application”.

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