Common Factors of Beginning Farmer Success

A Report by Michigan State University Extension offers Marketing Insights

Michigan State University Extension recently released the report “Assessing Common Factors of Success Among Michigan’s Upper Peninsula Beginning Farmers.” Several themes emerged from this project regarding the success of beginning farmers in marketing their produce either through wholesalers or direct to consumers. These themes include:

1. “Understanding and developing their markets, ability to adjust to changing market demands.”

2. “General business skills, including organization, communication and good recordkeeping (including cost of production).”

3. “Production expertise.”

4. “Good time and labor management.”

5. “Good people skills and community involvement.”

6. “Commitment to quality and dependability, reliability and consistency of products and business practices.”

7. “Willing to seek help or advice.”

The content of the report was generated through interviews with people from two organizations that sell products purchased from beginning farmers in the organization’s retail stores in the Upper Peninsula in Michigan, as well as eight interviews with Upper Peninsula beginning farmers.

Consider visiting the Marketing Resource page here at for more information about marketing your farm products.

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