Community Seed Resource Program

Community Seed Resource Program available to support seed saving projects nationwide: Seed Savers Exchange and Seed Matters collaborate to assist emerging seed projects. In partnership with Seed Matters, an initiative of the Clif Bar Family Foundation, Seed Savers Exchange is assisting community seed projects – seed libraries, seed exchanges, seed banks and numerous other community-focused outreach and education organizations – in spreading awareness about the importance and value of garden seed stewardship. The two primary goals of the Community Seed Resource Program (CSRP) are: to provide free educational resources and support for community seed projects, and to promote the exchange of seed, knowledge and skills. Qualifying applicants to the CSRP receive: - A one-year Seed Savers Exchange membership - Toolkit containing hand-crafted seed screens, seed saving supplies and a seed saving manual - Seed donations - Access to Seed Savers Exchange mentorship

The CSRP is housed on the new online Seed Exchange, an interactive home for Seed Savers Exchange’s national seed swap, where over 600 members participate by sharing open pollinated seeds that are rarely sourced elsewhere. Additional features of the CSRP website include a seed events listing page, membership map that showcases CSRP applicants, and free downloadable seed saving resources.

Saving and exchanging vegetable seeds is the best way to discover new food varieties, preserve heirlooms, and breed locally adapted crops built to withstand the vagaries of climate change. In addition, seed saving opens up a world of possibility for reinvigorating cultural relationships to food and food histories. Being that seed is our foundation, we want to inspire new models of sustainability in food growing efforts in regions across the country.

To learn more about the Community Seed Resource Program and apply, please visit us at

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