Conference Call Dec. 14: S510, What Just Happened

Farm Assist Productions is organizing a national conference call to answer questions concerning the Food Safety Bill and it’s amendments. As it is unclear at this point what will happen in the House and when, we are tentatively scheduling a national conference call for December 14. The call will include an overview of the bill and then answering specific questions that have been emailed in prior to the call. Our all star panel of good food policy warriors include Judith McGeary, Tim Wightman, David Gumpert and Mark Kastel.

If circumstances change, (S510 dies in the House or Tester is stripped out, for example) we will adapt accordingly and let you know.



7:00 pm EST

Call in #: 270-696-1555

Access code: 6079566

Good conference call etiquette is appreciated, please mute after you announce yourself (*6) and if you are with Cargill, Monsanto, Dole or another big ag interest, the rest of the group would appreciate your identifying yourself as such. When we get to the Q&A portion all are welcome to respectfully participate. We have reserved the maximum number of lines which is 150, but not knowing the level of interest to expect, it would not be a bad idea to get on early.

Please send questions to: and if you would like to direct it to a particular policy person, please indicate that as well. No question is too basic, if you are unclear on an issue, it’s probable that many others are as well.

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