Contemporary Ag Photography – Call for Farmer Submissions

Farmer-photographers are invited to submit up to 6 images by December 5, 2010 on the theme of “a sense of place.” 18 Reasons curators will select 2-3 images each from 5 photographers to be exhibited at 18 Reasons from January 6-30th, 2011. Participating photographers will have the opportunity to sell their work (the gallery takes a 40% commission).

Many of the images of farms that we, as consumers of media, are exposed to, are often taken by outsiders with no anchors in the land they are photographing. In selecting works created by new agrarians emotionally, if not physically, rooted in their environment we seek to expose a deeper layer of the changing landscape of agriculture.

Theme: Sense of Place

Deadline: December 5, 2010
1. Files (as jpeg or tiff) should be no larger than 2MB.
2. Please include an artist’s statement no longer than 300 words.
3. Indicate how you like your work displayed (pinned, framed, etc).
4. Please include a brief description of the farm you work at, as well as your relationship to said farm.
5. Final images can be either digital or analog.
6. Email submissions to:

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