CRAFT Farm Field Day Workshop in Illinois

CRAFT Field Day Workshop in Illinois: Saturday, July 23, 2011 from 1-4pm. Optional potluck at noon

Crop Rotations: Who Follows? Who Leads? You Might be Surprised

Hear Farmer John Peterson talk about crop rotation practices at Angelic Organics, including how they track "what follows what" in their various fields.  Learn how they improve soil health and productivity by attending to the specific needs of different crops.

Potluck Information: Bring a dish to share. We provide plates, cutlery and napkins.  Don't forget to bring a serving utensil for your dish.

Field Day Workshop Information: Please try to arrive early if you are not attending the potluck. The workshop will be starting PROMPTLY at 1pm

 Location: Angelic Organics Farm, 1547 Rockton Rd, Caledonia, IL

 RSVP's appreciated. Simply reply to and indicate how many are attending. Please try to attend the potluck. Its a great way to meet and network with your fellow members AND meet Farmer John. All CRAFT members can attend for free.

 ABOUT Angelic Organics Farm

1547 Rockton Road Caledonia, Illinois 61011 John Peterson (815) 389-2746 Preferred Time To Call: Weekday mornings, 7am-1pm

Farm Products & Services: Herbs, Vegetables Marketing Methods: CSA Growing Practices: Biodynamic (Not Certified) Year of Farm Start: 1990

Total Farm Acreage: 100 Total Acreage in Production: 100 Geographic Area(s) [where products are sold]: City of Chicago, Chicago Suburbs, Other areas of IL

Farm History: John Peterson has lived on the farm his entire life. He farmed conventionally until the early 1980’’s. He started organic farming in 1990 (see ““Circuitous Journey”” at

Farm Description: Angelic Organics is a 1,400 member Biodynamic Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) vegetable and herb farm. All market sales are through CSA shares. In 2011, the farm is entering its 22nd year growing organically and 19th year as a CSA. For more information, visit the farm website at www. Angelic Organics strives to make the farm a place where people, buildings, equipment, and land are all well taken care of – placing great importance on order and beauty. Angelic Organics explores and expresses the spiritual underpinnings of farming through biodynamics. CSA Shareholders (members) are given an intimate expression of farming through the vibrant vegetables and herbs they receive, through the farm stories shared in weekly newslellers, and through shareholder visits to the farm (see separate profile for information about Angelic Organics Learning Center’’s shareholder outreach programs). Angelic Organics currently supports approximately 4 full time year-round staff members. During the season, the field crew consists of 1-3 on-farm Growing Assistants, 2-6 on-farm Summer interns and over 20 local hourly workers (most of which are part-time). The approx. 100-acre farm devotes 27 acres to vegetables and herbs, 50 acres to cover crops, 5 acres to woodland and 1-2 acres to prairie. The acreage is a combination of owned and leased land. Through Angelic Organics’’ non-profit partner, Angelic Organics Learning Center, small- scale livestock are being reintroduced to the farm.

The farm is quite mechanized including: extensive tillage equipment, 10 tractors (including 3 Allis G’’s with several cultivators and a 5-row Planet Jr. seeder), a Dutch transplanter, a water wheel transplanter, a power wiggle hoe, a carrot harvester, a veg-veyer, two walk-in coolers, a root washer, miscellaneous washing equipment, and a mechanical block maker.

Number of Employees (Year Round): 0 Number of Farm Employees (Seasonal): 0 Number of Farm Interns (Year Round): 0 Number of Volunteers (Seasonal): 0 Number of Volunteers (Year Round) – Including Worker Shares: 0

Number of Interns (Seasonal): 0

Directions: From Chicago, Madison, or Beloit (see for a map).1. Exit east onto Rockton Road from I-90 (this exit is just a couple of miles south of the Wisconsin /Illinois border and about 10 miles north of Rockford). 2. Pass through 3 stop signs (the 3rd stop sign is Free Church Road) 3. Continue on Rockton road (road turns to gravel) for 1/2 a mile to the second farm on the right. Our farm is set back form the road 1/4 of a mile. Look for the entrance to the driveway, just after a small cemetery. If you hit a sharp right-hand turn in Rockton road, you have driven past our driveway by a 1/2 a mile.

Additional Information Regarding Visitors: Current season shareholders are welcome to visit the farm. Please refer to these guidelines at Other interested parties should arrange a farm visit through the Angelic Organics Learning Center at

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