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Have $3,500 for a ritzy chicken coop? from Grist – Food by Holly Richmond.

You there. Do you have high-maintenance chickens? How about $3,500? Then you’re in luck. For that trifling sum, a three-story chicken coop can be yours. The designer calls it a “luxury condominium for chickens.” Put it next to your platinum-plated garden trellis and your diamond-encrusted watering bucket.

No, really: The finished structure includes four nesting rooms, a sliding tray for cleaning, a third-floor roosting area and a solar-powered fan—features for “discriminating poultry,” Mr. Ramsey said.

So if you keep three hens for a year—each laying about five eggs and eating two pounds of organic feed a week—a dozen eggs will only cost you $57! What a steal.

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