CSA Coordinator Job in North Carolina

csa coordinator
High Country CSA Coordinator Job in North Carolina – 2017

The High Country CSA is a multi-farm Community Supported Agriculture Business. The mission of High Country CSA is to produce socially and ecologically responsible food through collaboration between small farms in the High Country. HC-CSA envisions a local food system which mutually benefits the farmers, the ecosystem, and the community.The HC-CSA is currently housed under Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture, and is working towards incorporating as an independent LLC. There are four farms who supply produce to the HC-CSA and they also play a key role in decision making and set policy. The HC-CSA Coordinator reports to the Executive Director of BRWIA in financial matters and to Farmer Representatives for day-to-day operations. The HC-CSA position is part-time, generally 10-15 hours per week in the off season (November through April), and 25-30 per week during the season (May through October). We are offering $12 to $15 per hour depending on experience and skill set.

To apply for the CSA coordinator job please send a resume and cover letter to Carol Coulter by email carol@brwia.org  or mail to P.O. Box 67 Boone, NC 28607. Deadline to apply is January 20, 2017. For questions call Carol at 828-386-1537. Position to start  as soon as possible.


• Professional written and verbal communication skills
• Strong customer-service ethic
• Experience with management and delegation of responsibilities
• Computer/internet skills
• Enthusiasm for and knowledge of fresh vegetables and fruit and sustainable agriculture
• Must have an understanding of the Community Supported Agriculture model
• Hands-on farming experience is a plus
• Experience packing and displaying produce is required
• Ability to work efficiently, both independently and as part of a team
• Must be able to lift at least 50 pounds unassisted
• Clean driving record
• Neat, clean, and professional appearance and demeanor.
• Efficient time-management skills

CSA Coordinator Job RESPONSIBILITIES During Production/Distribution Season:

• Project a positive representation of the HCCSA to the public and cooperating partners at all times
• Maintain a clean pick-up site, including coolers, tablecloths, tables, etc.
• Make every effort to keep produce as fresh and appealing and possible (continued in next column…)
• Clearly communicate contents of shares to members at pick-up sites
• Confirm share counts and communicate with farmers weekly regarding the upcoming delivery
• Make item substitutions based on the “substitution protocol”
• Maintain production schedule documentation (target and actual)
• Work in collaboration with the “Marketing and Distribution Specialist” to pack and distribute HC-CSA shares.
• Create and utilize all necessary documentation to track shares on distribution days
• Inspect and grade all produce when received and fill out necessary documentation, when appropriate, as outlined in the quality standards
• Be available and responsive to member feedback, comments, concerns, suggestions and compliments
• Field member complaints/concerns regarding share quality, and collaborate with BRWIA and farmer group representative to provide substitutions/reimbursements
• Supervise interns and volunteers
• Communicate with farmers monthly regarding overall production progress and anticipate, as best as possible, future substitutions and exchanges
• Work in collaboration with the farmer group and BRWIA to create a budget based on a financially sustainable business plan and cash flow documents
• Implement decisions made by the HC-CSA team regarding budget, production schedule, distribution, etc…
• Receive farmer invoices and remit to BRWIA
• Process EBT payments on a weekly basis

CSA Coordinator Job RESPONSIBILITIES During the Off-Season:

• Work with farmers to create production schedule, including share values and contents
• Update and distribute grower contracts
• Revise quality standards, as directed by stakeholders, and distribute to farmer group
• Submit pre-season payment invoices to BRWIA
• Work with existing farmers to create and implement standards, expectations and recruitment policy for new HCCSA farmers/suppliers
• Write and distribute grower contract
• Research and collaborate with farmers and partners to develop aggregation and distribution sites and methods
• Prepare required reports and grant updates as necessary
• Keep farmers informed of any technical assistance or training opportunities
• Promote cost shares through meetings with other human service agencies and general media outlets
• Create and maintain a usable database of members – past and present, cost share participants

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