Dairy and Livestock Apprentice Wanted in Massachusetts

Dairy and Livestock Apprentice - Appleton Farms: The Trustees of Reservations, Ipswich, Massachusetts - 2014

Through the Appleton Farms Dairy Program, The Trustees seeks to strengthen local communities, demonstrate the viability of sustainable, grass-based dairy and livestock practices, increase public demand for local, sustainably produced food, and increase support for the conservation of agricultural land. The Trustees expects Appleton Farms to be a model for publicly accessible, sustainable, grass-based dairy and beef operations. The agricultural community, the general public, and other Trustees staff should consistently view Appleton as a farm that has high standards for quality in all facets of its livestock operations – from herd management and performance to the quality of its milk, beef, other animals and value-added dairy products, from the general appearance and cleanliness of the farm to the way that farm staff welcome, interact with, and educate public visitors and volunteers.

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The Appleton Farms Dairy and Livestock program continues to be one of the historical enterprises on the farm, demonstrates an economically viable grass-based agricultural model, provides use for existing dairy facilities, provides income to support the livestock operation and its facilities, provide grazing animals to help maintain the open fields for ecological and scenic purposes, and provide opportunities for the public to observe and learn about a working dairy.

Direct sales of products from the farm are crucial to increasing the profitability of the farm. Direct sales include milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, eggs, and beef.

Position Description

The Dairy and Livestock Apprentice (DLA) provides support for the grass-based Jersey and White Park dairy and beef operations at Appleton Farms. This 1000-acre farm in Ipswich, Massachusetts is owned and operated by the Trustees of Reservations, a nonprofit land conservation organization. In addition to the livestock operation and related grazing pastures, the farm features hayfields, woods, wetlands, and a Community Supported Agriculture operation with more than 20 acres of crop lands. The farm, which is the oldest in the nation and open to the public, is conveniently located near beautiful beaches, and the commuter rail to Boston.

This is a full time, year round position. Responsibilities include assisting with the management of the dairy and beef herds, facilities, equipment, pastures and infrastructure. The DLA reports to the Dairy and Livestock Manager of Appleton Farms and works closely with other livestock program and farm staff.  The position’s work schedule is variable, includes weekends and holidays, and is based on an average 50-hour work week.

Specific Responsibilities

•           Conduct timely milking, feeding, and care of the dairy herd.

•           Conduct timely feeding, care and management of the beef herd, chicken flock, and any other livestock, as required.

•           Operate and clean all dairy and beef program equipment and facilities.

•           Help manage the grazing infrastructure including the pastures, water systems, travel lanes, and fencing.

•           Assist in the maintenance of all livestock program buildings, equipment and facilities.

•           Support production and sales of dairy products produced by the farm, as needed.

•           Maintain a neat and clean appearance of the livestock program areas on the farm.

•           Assist with herd health and treatment programs.

•           Interact with volunteers and the general public, and participate in public programs, when necessary.

•           Monitor animal well-being and report conditions as necessary.

•           Provide assistance with hay production as needed.

•           Understand and support the Trustees organizational policies.

•           Other duties as required.

Knowledge and Experience

One year of direct, hands-on experience in dairy and/or livestock management and care preferred, or have attended and completed an equivalent academic program. The DLA should understand the use of farm and dairy equipment as well as its maintenance.  He/she may be required to become a licensed milk handler, certified by the state to handle and transport raw milk. A degree or certificate in a livestock educational program is desirable.

The Trustees will consider on the job training for certain candidates without the desired experience. A positive attitude, willingness to be flexible and a commitment to achieving the goals of Appleton Farms is essential.

Abilities and Skills

The DLA must possess a strong appreciation for dairy and beef cattle, the land, and in particular, the extraordinary agricultural and social history of Appleton Farms.

The DLA must be able to work independently with minimal supervision and be willing to learn new skills in order to meet the broad range of tasks that will be assigned to the position. The DLA must have an eye for detail and be aware of and concerned with the visual presentation of Appleton Farms.

Appleton Farms is owned by the Trustees of the Reservations and is open to the public. People come to the farm as visitors, participants in educational programs, and as volunteers to donate time on the farm. Helping visitors and volunteers enjoy their experiences on the farm and become involved in it are important components to working at Appleton Farm and for the Trustees of Reservations.

He/she must have the ability to perform the physical demands of this role including the ability to routinely lift up to 50 pounds.

 Additional Requirements

•           Must have a valid driver’s license. An offer of employment for this position is contingent on a satisfactory CORI record check (criminal background check) and a satisfactory driving record.

•           Comfortable working outdoors in all weather conditions

•           Capable of lifting 50 pounds.

Pay and Benefits

As a full time employee, the Dairy and Livestock Apprentice is eligible for benefits offered by The Trustees, including: medical insurance, disability and life insurance, vacation, sick, and personal time, and the option to participate in our 401(k) plan. The pay rate for this position is between $8.50 and $12.00/hour, depending on experience. In addition, housing may be available as part of the compensation package.

To Apply

Complete an employment application (TTOR.org > About Us > Employment) or send a cover letter and resume to:

Scott Rowe

219 County Road

Ipswich, MA 01938

Or by email to: srowe@ttor.org

About Us

Founded in 1891, The Trustees of Reservations preserve, for public use and enjoyment, properties of exceptional scenic, historic, and ecological value in Massachusetts and works to protect special places across the state. We have helped protect more than 50,000 acres, including 25,000+ acres on more than 100 reservations that are all open to the public. We are a nonprofit conservation organization funded and supported entirely by our visitors, supporters, volunteers and more than 40,000 members.

In addition to being an Equal Opportunity Employer, the Trustees of Reservations aim to create a thriving, inclusive workplace that values each member of our team. We aspire to reflect and effectively serve the residents and communities of Massachusetts, who are at the core of our mission.

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