Diversified Small Farm Seeking Interns in Michigan

Diversified Small Farm

Calling all students, gappers, gardeners, and young farmers! Diversified small farm seeking interns for 2016 season!

We are in an exciting time for the field of food and farming. The desire for re-invention of our food industry is unprecedented. Hands on experience is the best way to connect to your land, your health, and your community.

We strive to be a place that fosters creativity and lifelong learning. Our CSA consists of wonderful people from all areas of the community, and its really fun to allow interns to get to know them.  We are constantly evolving our practices, but don’t pretend to have all the answers, so we welcome those with expertise or experience in any area. Our partnerships with other nearby farmers allows us to offer unique, hands-on education to those who choose to work with us.
We operate 10 acres of diversified production including vegetables, eggs, meat, fruit and small grains. Each year we take on at least 2 full time interns for about 3 months during the summer. They participate in all aspects of the farm and we give weekly classes as well. We welcome college students and post graduates for 3 months or more.  Our interns come from many different areas of interest, and we have a few different options to help cater to each individual. We have options for those interested in experiential teaching, education, and culinary arts.

A typical day on the farm goes like this: Wake at Dawn for breakfast, animal and watering chores. Field work and more physically demanding tasks until Noon then break for lunch.  After lunch depending on the day will be shade work, class work, or down time until dinner at 5. After dinner is transplanting, harvest and watering as well as any field work unfinished until Dark. Its a long day, but rewarding and you will feel strong and purposeful.

Each week has its own routine. we all pick a night to cook dinner(nothing too fancy), if we get ahead then we take some time to rest, if we get behind then we work extra hours. Weekends are yours after harvest on Saturday which ends at 11am. Room and board included plus $100 per week stipend.

You can find more info on our website: http://bertrandfarm.org/programs/internships/

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