Ecological Crisis, Man Made Problems & Hope from Growing Food

Growing your own food may not save the planet – but do it anyway! …because “our revolution will have dancing and excellent food” (by John M. Gerber)

EXCERPT: I believe that if we can’t imagine reasonable solutions to a crisis, then we are not going to look at the problem (which seems to be what most Americans are doing).  But denial of the problem is actually a quite reasonable response when you can’t imagine a solution.   So yes, yes, yes, lets grow food.  Grow food everywhere! Grow food now.  Just grow food and teach others to grow food. This is not to suggest that a few tomatoes will solve the global climate, energy and economic crises….but it is a place to begin to find hope.  And with hope….. anything is possible.

I love this guy. His blog posts are always thoughtful, thought provoking, honest, timely, and direct. – TR

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