Educational and Action Call on Land Grabs

Educational and Action Call on Land Grabs in the US and Internationally Easily one of the most dangerous and pressing issues facing food justice, food sovereignty, anti-hunger, environmental, and food security people is land grabs. The US Food Sovereignty Alliance and the CFSC International Links Committee are hosting an educational call on Wednesday, June 29, 2011 @ 4 pm EDT regarding urban and rural land grabs and how we can organize to contest them in the US and abroad. There will be 4 speakers: ·         Kwamenah Mensah from the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network, currently fighting against a potential industrial farmland grab within Detroit city limits, displacing community farms and gardens; ·         Karen Washington from La Familia Verde and the New York City Community Gardens Coalition, sharing the struggle to defend community gardens in New York City, particularly with some mention of the 20 years doing so under Giuliani; ·         Andrea Carmen of the Yaqui Nation and Executive Director for the International Indian Treaty Council, speaking from the indigenous perspective on land grabs; and ·         Bob St. Peter of the National Family Farm Coalition and La Via Campesina, presenting the problems of land access and farm loss for small farmers in the US, as well as an international perspective on land grabs. There will be ample time for discussion, questions, and plans for collaboration featuring leaders in the US land struggle. Call information: 800-704-9804 (International Origination: 404-920-6604); Access Code: 777495# Please RSVP with Don’t know about the issue of Land Grabs? For further reading, see these fantastic articles and websites:

·         “Grabbing the Food Deserts”:

·         “Urban Land Grabs” video presentation by Eric Holt-Giménez from the International Conference on Global Land Grabbing:
“The Urban and Northern Face of Global Land Grabs”:

·         “World Bank report on land grabbing: beyond the smoke and mirrors”:

·         “New agricultural agreement in Argentina: A land grabber’s ‘instruction manual’”:


·         “Understanding Land Investment Deals in Africa”:

·         The Insider perspective:

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