Exploring the Small Farm Dream Course in Pennsylvania

Exploring the Small Farm Dream: Are you considering launching a small-farm  enterprise, but not sure where to start? This course is for you!

When and Where: April 11, 18, and 25 and May 2, 2012; 6:15—9:15 PM; Lehigh County Agricultural Center, 4184 Dorney Park Road, Room 104 Allentown, Pennsylvania,  18104

Course Schedule: Session I: Expressing Farm Dreams and Evaluating Goals; Session II: Researching the Landscape, Assessing Resources and Risk; Session III: Decision-Making and Identifying the Next Steps; Session IV: Putting it All Together

Exploring the Small Farm Dream is a course for people who are thinking about starting a farm.  Presented by Penn State Extension, the course helps aspiring farmers learn what it would take to start and manage their own agricultural enterprises, and decide whether this the right path for them.

The Explorer course takes a learner-centered approach to exploring agriculture as a career.  As a participant in the course, you will be guided through an in depth self-assessment process, designed to help you identify the specific aptitudes, interests, skills and resources that you can bring to your new farm business.  You will receive support through the process of researching opportunities in agriculture.  And you will meet other serious gardeners, livestock enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs who are also asking themselves, “is farming right for me?”

If you dream of starting a farm but are not sure where to start, Exploring the Small Farm Dream is the ideal learning and networking opportunity for you!

Registration deadline: March 26th

For more information, info about other locations, and to register: visit extension.psu.edu/start-farming or contact your local course facilitator Tianna tdupont@psu.edu (610) 746-1970.

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