Exploring the Small Farm Dream Course, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania (Allegheny County) Cooperative Extension presents: Exploring the Small Farm Dream Course,  fall 2012

Course description:  Whether your vision includes making goat cheese, selling cut flowers, or growing rare tomato varieties, this course will give you the tools to start making that dream come true. Participants will discuss current opportunities in small-scale agriculture, explore objectives, assess personal and financial resources, conduct preliminary market research, and develop an action plan for pursuing their interests in food and farming. All levels of experience are welcome. If you are thinking about starting a farm, this course is designed for you. This includes people thinking about full-time farming, farming part-time while continuing other employment, changing careers to start a farm, and/or developing an existing but informal farming pastime into a more serious business activity. What to expect:
  • Creative exercise, research and class discussions that will help you assess your skills and resources.
  • Interviews with local farm business owners that will assist you in deciding how to carry your dream forward.
  • The opportunity to connect with others interested in new farm enterprises.
  • Qualified instructors and peer farm entrepreneurs to teach and share ag business experience.
  • The Class is $100 per person or $150 per couple.
  • Workbook and supplemental materials are included.
  • Scholarships available

SCHEDULE Four Monday Evenings (All sessions 6 – 8:30 p.m.):
October 3, 2012  Session I: Expressing Farm Dreams and Evaluating Goals
October 10, 2012                Session II: Researching the Landscape
October 24, 2012                Session III: Assessing Resources and Risk
October 31, 2012                Session IV: Decision-Making and Identification of Next Steps

Penn State Extension of Allegheny County
400 North Lexington Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15208

For an application or more information contact Heather Mikulas at 312-473-2540 or hem12@psu.edu.

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