Fair Food Label Launched

After four seasons of waiting, today, on Food Day 2014, the CIW is officially revealing the Fair Food Program label.

This label, stickered on tomatoes produced on farms participating in the Fair Food Program represents a worker certification program two decades in the making. It was over twenty years ago that workers began organizing general strikes in Immokalee, demanding dialogue with growers and a fair wage. It was thirteen years ago that people around the country began joining workers in the Campaign for Fair Food, demanding that major corporations take responsibility for working conditions in the fields. And it was four years ago that the Fair Food Program went into effect, where a worker-designed vision long in the making became a reality.
And today, as farmworkers have demonstrated the power and efficacy  of the Fair Food Program — in the never-before-seen rights taking hold in Florida’s tomato fields, poised to expand into other crops and states — the CIW is ready to launch the Fair Food Program label.

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