Farm Aid and Mother Earth News Partnership: Homegrown Bookshelf

From FarmAid: HOMEGROWN: growing, cooking, crafting, preserving, building, making and creating. It’s a place where we can learn from each other, ask questions, and show off how we dig in the dirt, grow our own food, work with our hands, and cook and share our meals – all things that we call HOMEGROWN. Back in 2008, Farm Aid founded with the mission to create a place where our love for food and the land evolves, deepens and becomes something more fulfilling. It is an inspiring place where we can hear and appreciate the bigger stories that our food has to share – and connect to the source of our food: The family farm. It’s a place where we see the connections between good soil, good farmers, good taste and good times. Where the source of our food doesn’t feel like a stranger, but a fun and friendly neighbor. Today we’re thrilled to announce a new series, called The HOMEGROWN Bookshelf, in partnership with venerated publisher Mother Earth News. The series will pair a practical and informative article on with an ongoing discussion on

The first installment in the HOMEGROWN Bookshelf series comes from Storey Publishing author and beloved blogger (and farmer!) Jenna Woginrich. Jenna’s new book, Chick Days, is a charming and comprehensive primer for anyone iterested in keeping chickens (that’s a lot of us). Read Jenna’s blog post “Get Started With Chickens” then pipe in with your thoughts and questions in the Backyard Chickens Group on Jenna will be answering your questions for the rest of April – ask her anything chicken-related!

Exclusive Offer to Farm Aid Friends and Supporters

Get 10% off your very own copy of Chick Days by buying at the Mother Earth News Bookstore and Farm Aid will receive 5% of the proceeds of each sale. Use promotional code: MMEENB3S. Yay! Another way to help Farm Aid!

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