Farm and Ranch Internship in Oregon, 2012

Overhead IrrigationInternship description:  Our farm and ranch is located in Central Oregon.  We grow 1850 acres of organic alfalfa hay/grain.  We also run cattle year round.  Looking for intern interested in learning to put up dairy quality alfalfa hay and care for cattle on the BLM range during the summer months.  This experience will include: gopher trapping for rodent control, driving a raking tractor, and driving a swather.  Expect (at times) to work 40+ hours a week.  You will always have at least one day off on the weekends.  Number of hours worked will vary a little and relate directly to whether or not we are cutting hay. Internship duration: First of May through the end of September 2012--- Please apply now; email: To learn all about the internship and what you need to do to apply click "read more" below.

Education Opportunities:  Largely self-directed.  Interns are encouraged to ask questions and encouraged to do research on pertinent farming topics.  This could be a wonderful and educational experience for anyone interested in learning about a farming/ranching lifestyle.

 Work experience/skills desired:  No experience is required for this position, but do need to be a motivated, active person with a strong desire to learn!  Male or Female applicants welcome!  Position will require hard work and dedication.  Sometimes long hours.  Interested individuals should be able to listen and follow detailed instructions, ask good questions, and work efficiently.  It is also important that you be responsible and consistent.  You will be required to work outdoors in all kinds of weather, climb on and off of equipment, and lift 40-50 lbs.

Meals/Housing:  Stipend 250/week.  All of your food will be provided.  If a meal is not prepared you will have free access to our kitchen to prepare food for yourself.  You will have a private bedroom in a 7 bedroom 4 bathroom beautiful house.  Shared kitchen, bathroom, laundry.

Extra activities:  This area has beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  Great place to horseback ride and go for long walks.  Occasionally Elk come and go from our place, we also have antelope and deer.  In the spring the ground will be peppered with beautiful tiny wild flowers.  It’s a solid hour from any city, so if you like being in town this will not appeal to you!  Having your own transportation is necessary if you want to come and go.  I will not be making very many trips to town in the busy summer!

Interested?  Please answer the following questions:

Why are you interested in this internship?

What do you hope to gain from your experience?

What kind of physical labor have you done in the past?

Describe your previous work experiences?

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  1. victor sherman // May 11, 2015 at 1:37 am // Reply

    Hello, big Hello, I am writing from Northern California, I am ready to start my life now, I am 36, male, hard working, detail oriented, farmer to be, I have decided to go to Oregon this Summer and really dedicate myself to a solid carreer, Iv realized city life and even large town’s are probably not for me, I love open spaces, I love animal’s, This sound’s like the exact type of opportunity Iv been searching for, I am ready,ready, I have a truck, for now, probably not for to long, Sir I am very ready to listen, learn, and follow exact instruction’s, naturally disiplined, past expieriance with garden’s, some farming, and ranching but really partly new to it, but I am sure this is what I should do with my life, I just need to start now, I will be somewhere in Oregon fairly soon I hope, even sooner, if I had a reason, plesse consider me for this job, I am ready and Willing to get to work,thank you sir. Sincerly Victor Sherman

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