Farm Apprentice or Partner Wanted in New York

Farm Apprentice or Partner wanted for Solstice Hill Farm in Cobleskill, New YorkBeautiful Picture of New York Farm (2012-?)

For the Partner: If you have years or many farms experience Solstice Hill would be into profit sharing…. you know who you are, give them a call.

For Apprentice and possibly later partner: Solstice Hill Farm is located on 28 acres with four in vegetable production. The farm serves two bustling farmers markets, a CSA, a health food store and a very interesting wholesale account. The whole sale account ships to low income neighborhoods located in “food deserts” of NYC.

They enjoy working with people who are really excited about agriculture. The head farmer has worked with Guatemalans and local high-schoolers but prefers people with a real passion, or at the very least, curiosity about agriculture; people who farm for more than just a paycheck.

Hours are long on a new farm like this. It seems some project is always getting squeezed in around veggies. Creating quality compost in large windrows is going to be one of the more exciting new endeavors this year. Tilling up the new orchard, finding time for the bees and hopefully getting some extra spots for housing started. Helpers would be sharing in the goals and creations that the farm undertakes. The main goal is of course veggie production and in that regard lots of  planting, greenhouse management, soil testing/amending, cover cropping and… (dramatic pause) hoeing (weeding). In short, all aspects of vegetable production will be experienced.  The farm has moved into some mechanical cultivation (tractor weeding) so some weed pressure is relieved by that. Clemens very rarely sends anyone to do a job he is not doing himself (he’s got to get over that someday). At this stage of the farm you would be working very closely with a farmer with six years experience.

The location is really stunning. Solstice Hill Farm is located on a ridge line with beautiful views all around and a ½ mile to the pond. Room and board is included with space in the main house. The women and children on the website will not be in the house most of the summer. Classes will be taught every other week on Wednesday for topic of choice. One day a month off to attend NOFA sponsored events (can be banked) or for whatever you choose. Clemens really would like to develop a plan that could make the best possible experience for young or aspiring farmers. Stipend dependent on experience but competitive and includes extra groceries for goodies.

Contact : Clemens Mackay at, 518-231-8623

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