Farm Apprenticeship in California

Soil Born Farms Apprenticeship in Sacramento, CA, 2013 Phone: (916) 363-9685 website: California: Soil Born Farms is seeking one full season apprentice applicant to join four already accepted applicants for the 2013 season. The apprenticeship runs from March 1 to November 1. The goal of the apprenticeship program at Soil Born Farms is to provide a training ground for aspiring farmers by teaching the basic concepts and practical applications of organic food production.  This experience is contextualized within Soil Born Farm?s work using agriculture as a platform to tie Food Systems into the larger social issues of food security, social justice, and public health.  For more info and to learn how to apply click "read more"

Apprentices are exposed to all aspects of food production. They learn about propagation, irrigation, soil management, harvesting, marketing and many other related skills through a combination of hands-on learning and structured classes. Apprentices work and live on the American River Ranch, a 25-acre ranch utilizing field-scale agricultural techniques. At some point during the season, they also have the opportunity to work on our smaller Farm on Hurley Way, a 1.5 acre market garden, applying hand-scale bio-intensive gardening methods. Produce is distributed to several outlets in the county of Sacramento including an on-site farm stand, a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, and retail and restaurant sales. Additionally a significant portion of our produce is sold or donated to low income residents.  This program is an educational experience but it is also a working Apprenticeship, applicants should be prepared to work hard and commit themselves to the task of running a farm.

Housing: Canvas tents with access to shared kitchen, living room and bathroom.

Compensation: Food from the farm (vegetables, eggs, etc), modest allotment for supplementary foodstuff and compensation for a portion of hours worked on the farm.

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