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Farm Pond BarnsBethel Farm Apprenticeship Program- 2015 in Hillsboro, New Hampshire

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Bethel Farm is a yoga retreat center and organic farm located in the peaceful woods of Hillsboro, New Hampshire. We like to see ourselves as continuing in the tradition of many who have come before us here on this very land, where the central farmhouse is over 200 years old. We offer an opportunity to practice small-scale organic sustainable farming with minimal use of machinery. We are looking for 4-8 excited people to join us for at least two months this summer. We have several well- established garden areas, as well as a large 31'X 72' hoop house and we have begun experimenting more with a long hugelkultur mound and more fruit trees. The apprenticeship is best viewed as a work-training program, rather than an exclusively "educational" experience. Apprentices will mostly learn through working on projects and through taking on responsibilities for managing aspects of the farm. The fact that we are a small and relatively young operation means that apprentices remain very close to the decision-making process, and will be assigned independent work assignments as they demonstrate ability to complete them well. Apprentices will find that they will gain the most if they show initiative, attention to detail, a good work ethic and the ability to know when to ask for help. Strong communications skills are also an important part of prospering within a small hardworking group such as we have at the farm. Being small also means that we all end up doing almost everything; so apprentices will be exposed to a diverse array of activities. Apprentices are given semi-independent projects in the area of marketing, mechanical work, and crop pest management. This allows people to take a sense of ownership in one facet of the larger whole.

We especially value applicants who have had at least one full season of experience on a farm.

Sample skills & projects:

Making regular deliveries to restaurants and food coops
Sustainable agriculture and permaculture skills
Extending the growing season with a greenhouse
Saving seeds
Designing and building cold storage
Efficient building using local materials
Sun drying tomatoes
Sustainably harvesting firewood
Creating and maintaining our wooded trails
Managing our water resources and developing rain water catchment systems
Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday yoga classes

Use of the sauna, pond and hiking trails. Free time is an important element. Apprentices are welcome to any of our 3x/weekly yoga classes and, when possible, retreat classes. We’re open to apprentices staying on longer who are able to contribute in a meaningful way.

Room & Food:

Camping: They have various platforms for tents, outdoor shower and outhouses as well as indoor kitchen with amenities.
Shared Room: When available.
You are welcome find accommodations off-site.

Food is provided when we have retreats and trainings. Otherwise, apprentices are responsible for their own food and are welcome to harvest vegetables from the farm when availability allows for it and can use one of our kitchens for cooking.

There is a $100 processing fee for all apprentices. If you’re interested, please email us at We look forward to hearing from you!

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