Farm Bill Action Needed Now!

What is going on with the Farm Bill? Action is needed now to put pressure on Congress to bring the legislation passed by the House Ag. Committee to a floor vote. We need to pass a new farm bill before the current one expires in order to preserve beginning farmer programs as well as many other crucial programs that help farmers to stay afloat, and promote agricultural sustainability

Here is the latest, and important information about how you can take action to help:

Members of the House of Representatives are in Washington for a few more days. They’ll come home to your district next week to campaign, and won’t go back until after the elections. Meanwhile, if Congress does nothing, the programs that help farmers, ranchers, and rural communities will be threatened.

Will you click here to call your representative and tell them you want them to pass a Farm Bill extension that includes critical funding for beginning farmers and ranchers, and rural development?

Unless Congress takes action to protect these programs, they will expire on September 30. Hundreds of millions of dollars for sustainable agriculture, rural economic development, and beginning farmer support will literally disappear.

This is unacceptable – take just 5 minutes to call your Representative today!

The message is simple: “Don’t walk away from America’s farmers, ranchers, and rural communities. Pass an extension to the Farm Bill now that fully funds programs for beginning farmers and ranchers, and rural economic development. These programs create jobs in rural communities, help farmers seize market opportunities, and invest in the next generation of farmers.” Thanks for your help!

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