Farm Help Needed in Virginia

Farm Help Needed

Property maintenance and farm help needed in Check VA

House is a small house 1- Bedroom, one and a half bath room $350 per month (Other location with larger house may be available if this is too small).

Availability to do morning and evening chores including goat milking (morning only most of the year) and chickens *Required* 7 days per week. Other work will include physical garden work, fire wood cutting and hauling, yard work including running a weed-eater, fence repair and other homestead related activities. Also property maintenance responsibilities including painting, minor plumbing repairs, gutter cleaning, and other related upkeep jobs for homestead and rental business.

Pay commensurate with skills- will start / train at $10 per hour for hard working individual or couple. Year round full time employment with weekly pay.

We are looking for someone to help ease our work load as we age and have too many tasks especially the physically demanding ones to do around our homestead. We also have a number of rental properties that we need help with maintenance and transition repairs on. We produce goat dairy products for our own use as well as producing a large portion of our fruits and vegetables we consume yearly. We are health conscious and environmentally conscious people who have been living this life for over 30 years.

Please answer the following questions to help us get to know more about each other and if our needs/skills match up. Contact us at

> 1-Do you smoke cigarettes?
> 2- Do you have an indoor pet?
> 3-Have you ever milked a goat or cow? Will you be able to be available in the mornings at a consistent time 7 days a week for milking and other chores approximately 1 hours worth of work? Will you be able to be available in the evening before dark for evening chores approximately 30-45 minutes worth of work?
> 4-Do you have animal care experience?
> 5-Are you willing to live here-on the “farm”in Check,VA?
> 6-Are you married, single, divorced, in a relationship?
> 7-Do you have children? If yes do they live with you?
> 8-Do you have any tools of your own?
> 9-What type of vehicle do you drive?
> 10- Are you OK working from a ladder?
> 11- Are you comfortable running a chain saw?
> 12- Are you comfortable/ well versed operating a standard transmission truck and tractor?
> 13- Have you worked with a tractor with a front end loader before? If yes how much once, twice or for years?
> 14- Do you consider your self a self motivated person? Can you make note of jobs that need to be done later while working on the job at hand?
> 15- Are you willing to / interested in learning new skill?
> 16- Do you have any fix-it / handy man or women skills?
> 17- Work changes with the seasons and is mostly outside, pay is year round at a consistent weekly salary but work load will vary depending on weather from lighter some weeks to heavier other weeks is that ok with you? Averaging out to at least 40 hours per week
> 18- Time off is fine as long a pre-arranged with us and does not conflict with our needs.

Thanks for taking the time to answer the above questions.
Best wishes
Echo Farm Family

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  1. I’m very interested in this opportunity. I’ve worked on a farm my entire life, can do it all! I’m detail oriented and know what needs to be done! I”m a hard worker and have references. Thanks! 804-219-7660

  2. Hello again…

    To answer your questions:

    I’ve lived in Martinsville all my life and am familiar with Check. I’ve worked on my grandfather’s farm since I was twelve, making that 16 years. I would love to live there on a farm. I have a fiance and a daughter and no pets. I am available whenever needed and can work full time or more, any time of the day or night. I can work all equipment and machinery on a farm including a disc mower. I can rake and bail hay and can repair and install any time of fencing including barbed wire and electric fencing. I love animals and have worked with cows, horses, chickens and goats. I’ve birthed and bottle fed a baby calf, and can definitely milk a cow or a goat. I can drive a tractor and all farm equipment. I have worked a front end loader for a few years and a tractor all my life. I am very good with a chainsaw and any other farm equipment. I am willing to, and enjoy learning new skills if I don’t know it all ready. I am very self motivated and work hard. I know what it is to work on a farm. I can fix anything from plumbing to remodeling, to painting to landscaping. I am very flexible and understand how important it is to be reliable and available. I don’t smoke. I have a van. I work through winter and summer, hail and snow, freezing cold or blistering hot! Thanks you and I hope to hear from you soon! Thanks! Joshua Whitlow

  3. Hello has this job been filled? Thank you!

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