Farm in New York Seeking Field Apprentices for 2013

The Farm at Locusts on Hudson in New York is seeking three Field Apprentices and one Garden Apprentice for the 2013 season

They are a small, diversified farm located on the Hudson River in Staatsburg, New York.  The farm produces vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, eggs, meat and honey for restaurants in NYC.  We are in the process of building an educational outreach program for the public.  Apprentices learn all aspects of managing our fields, pastures and forest.  We host lectures and discussions for apprentices that cover a 26-week curriculum that focuses on topics related to agriculture and mindfulness.  Apprentices also have the option to participate in CRAFT (Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training).

Vegetables, Flowers and Herbs: They grow vegetables on three acres intensively, year-round.  Management begins by focusing on the balancing of plant mineral nutrients, using appropriate tillage, utilizing cover crops, and biological inoculants.  We also produce specialty greens, flowers and herbs on a separate one-acre plot.

Livestock: Animals graze and forage on 20 acres of pasture/woodland and are rotated frequently.  They raise pigs, laying hens, donkeys and bees.  Apprentices alternate livestock chores each week. Chores include: feeding and watering, moving fencing and shelters, egg collection and cleaning, transporting animals for processing, cleaning equipment, building infrastructure and monitoring animal health.

Perennials: Managing Timber, Herbs, Mushrooms, Fruit and Foraging are all minor aspects of our farm operation.  Apprentices spend some, but a limited amount of time, working with timber products, herbs, mushrooms, wild foraged crops, fruit and perennials.

Some of what Apprentices will have the opportunity to learn:

Processing, Harvesting and Marketing to Restaurants

Propagation, of Vegetables, Flowers, Herbs and Sprouts

Direct Seeding and Transplanting

Complete Mineral Balancing and the Application of Soil Amendments

Cover Crop Management

The use of Compost and Biological Inoculants

Crop Rotation and Planting Schedules

Managing Seasonal Harvest Loads

Four Season Growing: Season Extension, Greenhouses, Coldframes, Low Tunnels and Variety Selection

Value Added Herbal Products including Teas and Salves

Mushroom Cultivation

Animal Care

Pasture Rotation

General Farm Carpentry

Expectations: A positive attitude, good communication skills, punctuality, flexibility, intellectual curiosity and a strong work ethic are all prerequisite.  Apprentices are expected to work a 50-hour week during the high season and a 30-hour week in the low season.

Exchange: We offer regular classes, a daily meditation session, housing, partial board and a stipend of $800/month.

Time Frame: Six-month apprenticeships — two start dates April 1st, two start dates May 1st 2013, Please send resume & cover letter to Zach and Olivia at:

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