Farm Internship at Food Field in Detroit

Food Field is a new farm starting up on 4 vacant acres near Boston-Edison in Detroit.  We started planting in May and are currently growing a variety of vegetables and fruit for market. We will also be raising chickens, fish, and lots of composting worms!  The farm is independently owned and will sell at farmers markets, to restaurants and institutions in the area, and within the community.

The internship will involve will work closely with the owners to manage all day-to-day operations of the farm, including planting, watering, weeding, harvesting, marketing, construction, repairs and other problem-solving.  The position is part-time (20-30+ hours a week) with potential for greater involvement; a monthly stipend is available and will depend on time commitment. Experience is helpful but not required: anyone with an interest in sustainable farming, a good work ethic and initiative is encouraged to apply.  Beyond weed-pulling and general labor, this is a great opportunity to help build creative solutions for irrigation, planting, composting, community engagement and other necessities, and learn about everything involved in starting a new farm business in Detroit!

Term: June-December

Contact: Noah Link (Peck Produce, LLC)

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