Farm Internship in Central Maine (2014)

Picture of Maine FarmhouseMoodytown Gardens is a diversified farm located in Central Maine. They specialize in organic mixed vegetables but also grow flowers, herbs, pigs, poultry, and herbs. Products grown are sold through a CSA, at two farmers’ markets, to restaurants, stores, a multi-farm CSA, and at the farm stand.

Expected tasks include animal chores, weeding, planting, harvesting, washing, and packing, along with many grounds and building jobs that arise. The work varies and workers are tasked based on their strengths and interests.

Interns are given free room and board, beer if they drink it, and a small stipend. Interns live in the farm house with the farmers and other interns. Interns are asked to work 40-60 hour work weeks and are given one and a 1/2 days off a week. Interns are asked to cook 1-2 nights a week and expected to help keep the house neat.

Maine Small Farm FieldsPeople who do well at Moodytown Gardens are folks who are self directed, fun loving, fast learners, flexible, and easy going.

If you are interested in applying contact Johanna and Jarret at

Or call them at 207 431 2860

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