Farm Job in New Mexico – Organic Farm Manager, 2013

La Semilla Food CenterFarm in New MexicoJob: La Semilla Food Center in New Mexico is seeking an experienced organic Farm Manager to oversee daily production operations of La Semilla Youth Farm, 2013 La Semilla Food Center is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to foster a healthy, self-reliant, fair, and sustainable food system in the Paso del Norte region of southern New Mexico and El Paso, Texas. La Semilla works with children, youth, and families to build awareness around food issues, provide informed analysis, and create alternatives for healthier environments and communities. La Semilla Food Center is seeking an experienced organic Farm Manager to oversee daily production operations of La Semilla Youth Farm.  The mission of La Semilla Youth Farm is to increase access to fresh and locally grown produce for families, increase access to sustainable agriculture training opportunities, demonstrate the viability of small and sustainable agriculture, and inspire a new generation of farmers, food activists, and engaged community members in the Paso del Norte region. La Semilla Youth Farm is located in Anthony, NM on 12 acres of farmland.  The Farm Manager will be responsible for ensuring diversified vegetable and fruit production of 3-5 acres in year one, with increasing production in subsequent years.  In addition to managing production, the Farm Manager will collaborate with staff to provide educational workshops and identify marketing opportunities for distribution of farm products within the region.  The Farm Manager will help create long term strategies and goals to develop La Semilla Youth Farm into an economically viable, sustainable education and demonstration farm. Ideal candidates will also have experience working with diverse populations and help to teach beginning farmers.

La Semilla Youth Farm will demonstrate viable small-scale and integrated approaches to arid land farming, incorporating sustainable practices and methods, permaculture and agroecology principles, with an emphasis on reestablishing links to our native Chihuahuan Desert plants, particularly edible varieties.

La Semilla Food Center

P.O. Box 2579

Anthony, NM 88021

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  1. Aniebonam Christian // August 7, 2013 at 9:23 pm // Reply

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    I read your job posting for a Communications work with interest

    I grew up on a farm and have never wanted to anything but work in this capacity all my life. When I saw your advertisement for an open position of a Farm Worker at Company Farms, I could not believe my luck! As an enthusiastic individual with a keen interest in working with nature, I would like to join your Company Farms so as to put my best efforts for your success.

    I possess the knowledge of working in an environment conducive to crop cultivation and animal fostering. Since I have had quite some experience working on farms, I am comfortable with practical farm operations such as plowing, planting, irrigating, fertilizing and harvesting crops. Additionally, my love for farm ensures that I ensure their living quarters are clean and that they are fed properly

    This opportunity will be a great one if I am to be offered this job as I believe that only a true nature lover can work effectively on a farm. I will call you at the end of the week to ask for an interview so we can discuss this further and will be available at (+521) 7221628296if you need to contact me.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.


    Aniebonam Christian

    Address : Mexico
    Cell Phone +521 7221628296
    Location: Mexico

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