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Organic Redneck FarmOrganic Redneck Farm in Oregon is Looking to fill the job of Field Manager for 2013

Specifics This position is mainly focused on vegetable row crop management. It runs from mid-March, through November, though it has the possibility of extending through the winter.  The position’s pay is based on experience. It is a salaried pay structure. The season is varied in its requirement therefore hours/week will vary from month to month. Averaged out, the work week will be approximately 40 hours/week. This will include closer to 60 at peak season. We will offer on farm housing, in a community type living situation, sharing meals with the interns and farm owners. This is an essential aspect of the position, enabling us to build a strong working relationship in the beginning.  Main food staples and other amenities will be offered as well: Phone, washer and dryer, Internet, garbage, lots of fresh produce, etc. For full details and to find out how to apply click "read more"

Type of Work

The field manager is most notably in charge of the row crops crew. Consisting of 2-12 people. Some of whom are interns. The farm owners/managers will work closely with the field manager as well. The crew’s tasks range but are not limited to: harvest, weeding, irrigation, trellising/pruning, transplanting, seeding, washing and pack out, hoeing, hilling, fence moving, chicken tractor moving, greenhouse propagation, vegetation management. Keep in mind that many people, are participating in the farms activities with the expectation of an educational experience.  This will require a good ability to communicate, explain, demonstrate and a good understanding of basic farming practices, and the thought and reasoning behind the tasks that are performed. The field manager must be in good physical shape with the ability to set a good pace and show good physical posture and technique for others to see. The field manager needs also the ability to coach others (many have done very little of his type of work previously). The field manager will, at times, be in charge of making harvest decisions, crop abandonment decisions, as well as manage irrigation, fertility, planting density, and employee disagreements. You may also be responsible for basic animal care, and other various farm related activities. The field manager will also work closely alongside the farm manager especially more during the fall and spring, when the crew’s numbers are reduced.  The field manager must have an interest in the educational part of organic farming. This is essential to the experience of our employees, interns and an important part of our mission as a farm.

Some Duties Explained

Help determines procedural changes in drying, grading, storage, and shipment for greater efficiency and quality.

Inspect orchards, fields to determine maturity dates of crops or to estimate potential crop damage from weather/insects etc.

Coordinating the Work and Activities of Others: Getting members of a group to work together to accomplish tasks.

Managing data that is collected in the field and in the packing house. Requires good record keeping skills.

Managing resources like; potting soil, packaging, tools and supplies.

Scheduling Work and Activities: Scheduling the work of others.

Equipment Selection:  Determining the kind of tools and equipment needed to do a job.

Quality Control Analysis:
Conducting tests and inspections of produce, or processes to evaluate quality consistency.

Understanding/working within and improving systems.

Help improve and direct selection of good plant varieties with high yield or disease and insect resistant characteristics.

Prioritization. Work that puts you in charge of others and required you to be responsible for others safety and a pleasant working environment.

More Details

It is important to remember that the field manager position is not just a management position but also an important part of the labor force of this small farm. For parts of the season there are virtually no other hired hands aside from the farm’s owners/managers, and even in the busiest part of the season every able body is in motion and essential to accomplishing the daily tasks.

This is a position that requires a real and strong desire to learn and grow as a person as part of a farm that is changing constantly and requiring constant innovation, creativity and a high level of responsibility . This position would evolve to include interests of the field manager and could include other duties and projects not currently described within the current job description.  Preferably, applicants have had experience as an intern on an organic farm but at least had experience as an employee at an organic farm. Minimal 2-3 years farming experience is required. You must have a good understanding of the process of growing organic vegetable in a similar climate and scale. Some experience in education or at least a strong interest in education is necessary as well.

This is hopefully a long term position. There is also the ability for greater earning potential with the continuation at this farm and an evolving role.

Other past experience that would be helpful includes; anything that requires long days of physical work, bookkeeping and jobs that have required good organization skills. We are looking for someone who would also bring new ideas and inspiration to the table.  Experience in marketing, restaurants, food preservation, farmers markets, retail sales, customer service as well as mechanical skills, construction skills, accounting, computer, web design and teaching, just to name a few.

Please send resumes, and other accompanying info and/or further questions to

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