Farm Land Manager Job in Kentucky

Farm Land Manager Job Opportunity! Crestwood, Kentucky: Foxhollow Farm ( is seeking qualified candidates to manage the land and facilities in harmony with the overarching goal to create a thriving biodynamic farm community. The Farm Land Manager is responsible for managing and participating in the maintenance, repair, and improvement of the land, buildings and facilities owned by Norton Realty and Norton Wetlands.  Responsibilities include hands-on work with farm and lawn care equipment, directing staff, and creating and maintaining a budget. The Farm Land Manager must be committed to treating the land in a sustainable manner and to following organic and biodynamic guidelines. Major Areas of Responsibility / Major Tasks Major areas of responsibility include:

  • Ensure that all farm equipment, tools and vehicles are kept in good working order at reasonable costs.
  • Ensure that grounds are kept in good order especially in times of severe weather conditions.
  • Provide a sustainable approach to caring for the land by the use of biodynamic and organic practices.
  • Mediate agreements/leases among land users, commercial and residential tenants, vendors and contractors.
  • Ensure that all homes and buildings be kept in good working order at reasonable costs.
  • Become more efficient with energy for all the homes, buildings, equipment and vehicles.
  • Manage staff and work in cooperation with the managers and staff who operate other entities on the farm.
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Responsibilities include –

For Norton Realty –

  • Work with all commercial and residential tenants to stay in compliance with specific lease agreements.
  • Manage and maintain properties, facilitate building and property maintenance via vendors/subcontractors following property inspection or reports from tenants regarding 9 residential homes, 3 commercial buildings – includes grain bins, barns, lower workshop, veggie shed, spring house and fuel pumps.
  • Oversee the maintenance and care of all equipment utilized at Norton Realty as well as all farm and garden equipment.
  • Manage all relationships with vendors – mowers, landscape, tree care, etc.
  • Manage relationships with subcontractors, which may include plumbers, electricians, carpenters, general maintenance, and others as needed.
  • Conduct annual inspections of all commercial and residential building and review leases.
  • Oversee any land improvement projects.
  • Oversee management of the hunting program.
  • Oversee all trash and recycling programs.
  • Be accountable for expenses, bookkeeping and financial reports.

For Norton Wetlands –

  • Property Management/Leases
    • Work to ensure property lease compliance.
    • Meet semi-annually  for a walk-through of dwellings and grounds.

For Norton Minerals –

  • Meet with the external vendor twice a year
    • Review year over year progress and occurrences to ensure the maintenance of  the property management agreements.

For Norton Farm –

  • Assist the biodynamic coordinator with application of field sprays.
  • Work with manager of the grass fed beef, as needed including maintenance and repair of farm equipment and vehicles.
  • Remove barn waste (manure) in coordination with managers of beef and horse operations.
  • Be a resource to Norton Farm for fence and road maintenance.

For the Trust Advisory Group –

  • Monitor staff accountability.
  • Prepare annual operating and capital expense budgets for approval by the Trust Advisory Group.
  • Seek pre- approval from the Trust Advisory Group for expenditures that are not budgeted.
  • Provide quarterly progress reports to the Trust Advisory Group.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Job Requirements

  • Basic knowledge and experience in basic mechanical skills regarding operations, repair and maintenance of farm, garden, and other equipment and tools.
  • Basic knowledge and skills of residential and building repair – being hands-on but knowing when to call in a subcontractor specialist.
  • Ability to learn to work with the biodynamic approach to land care, and understanding what the Biodynamic Certification means to the property.
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate with all employees, vendors, renters, neighbors, etc.
  • Be a team player.
  • Ability to act as a general contractor for projects and repairs.
  • Understanding of budgets, expenses and reports.

Education and Experience

  • College degree in agriculture, preferred
  •  5 years of experience in gardening/farming/agriculture/construction/equipment repairs.
  • Experience with sustainable agriculture practices preferred.
  • Management experience.

Full-time / salary is $45,000 – $50,000 / partial paid health insurance / life insurance; (Potential housing is available)

If you are qualified, please send your resume and three references to: by March 15th, 2014.

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