Farm Manager at Cascadian Farms Home Farm

cascadian farms home farm

 Farm Manager Job at the Cascadian Farms Home Farm in Rockport, Washington

Cascadian Farms Home Farm Manager Position Details

  • Reports to Home Farm Site Director
  • Location:  Rockport, WA
  • Travel: Limited
  • Weekend & extended hours required during growing season

Major Job Responsibilities for Farm Manager at Cascadian Farms Home Farm

Farm Production (80%)

  • Responsible for farm operations including yield, production schedules, equipment, and employee supervision.
    • Develop and lead execution of long-term strategy for farming operations
    • Recruit, hire, and directly manage seasonal field staff
    • Perform basic maintenance and improvements on farm infrastructure, facilities, and equipment
    • Ensure necessary supplies and parts are available for farm production and equipment repair
    • Operate equipment including berry harvester, tractors, and tractor implements
    • Manage and oversee all irrigation needs and repairs
    • Maintain a safe, clean, and well organized work environment for staff and customers
    • Ensure compliance with safety regulations and actively lead in the Farm’s safety program
    • Assist field crew in planting, weeding, pruning, and harvesting crops and fill in as needed
  • Support overall operations as a member of the farm leadership team through active participation in meetings, progress reports, collaboration, and proactive communication with the team.
    • Contribute to the farm business planning by providing expertise on farm enterprises including cropping systems, varieties, volumes, inputs, and capital investments
    • Facilitate a respectful, communicative, and team-oriented work environment
    • Work with the farm leadership team to ensure farm goals are met
  • Responsible for maintaining organic integrity on the farm.
    • Ensure compliance with local, state, and federal regulations (including, but not limited to, Good Agricultural Practices, Washington State Department of Agriculture, and USDA National Organic Program)
    • Maintain records related to production and compliance with organic certification and food safety regulations
    • Holistically manage soil fertility (cover cropping, crop rotation, and compost program), nutrient cycling, promote biodiversity, and weed, pest, and disease management
    • Maintain technical expertise in organic and regenerative farming practices and issues by keeping up with the latest scientific research and attending relevant farm conferences
  • Ensure food quality and food safety standards of farm products.
  • Oversee and manage food safety practices outlined in Good Agricultural Practices program
  • Ensure produce is grown, harvested, and stored for excellent taste and high-quality product

Research, Interpretation, Education, and Outreach (20%)

  • In partnership with the General Mills’ agronomy team, develop relationships with Universities, seed companies, and others to partner in research and field trials
  • Work with General Mills’ agronomy, sourcing, and branding to provide perspective and ideas on organic farming practices, supporting farmers, and driving positive change at scale
  • Work with the Site Director to provide tours and organic farming education to visitors and brand customers
  • Assist with the development of organic education resources for staff and visitors
  • Contribute content to social media, website, and blog
  • Support and represent organic farming with industry and partners in the organic community
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Bachelor’s degree preferred with emphasis in organic or sustainable agriculture desired.
  • At least two years of farm management level experience required.
  • Demonstrated experience with operating and maintaining machinery.
  • Experience in organic and regenerative agricultural practices with a working knowledge of plant health, fertility management, pest and disease management, weed suppression, and greenhouse management.
  • Knowledge of current organic research and emerging trends in organic farming systems.
  • Creative thinker and problem solver with the ability to innovate.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Willingness to participate in videos and social media to promote the farm, organic agriculture, and the brand.
  • Must be able to comfortably lift 50lbs and perform work outdoors in all types of weather conditions.
  • Conversational Spanish is required.


  • Passion and enthusiasm for organic, regenerative farming and stewardship of natural resources
  • Interest in working within a large company to drive positive change at scale
  • Eagerness to work and live within a rural and remote community
  • Energizes & develops people
  • Delivers outstanding results
  • Willingness to be flexible and adapt to changing job requirements and priorities
  • Highly motivated self-starter with the ability to work independently and under time constraints
  • Team player with positive attitude
  • Ability to work with multiple, diverse stakeholders


This is a full-time, year-round position. A competitive salary starts at $50,000. We offer a generous benefits package which includes Medical, Dental and Vision coverage, 15 days Paid Vacation, 11 Paid Holidays, and a generous 401K match. Annual raise and bonus based on personal and organizational performance.

To Apply for the Farm Manager Job at Cascadian Farms Home Farm

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