Farm Manager Job at Kentucky School

Farm Manager Job Opening at Pine Mountain Settlement School in Kentucky, 2013

The Farm Manager is responsible for the School’s gardens, which supply food for Pine Mountain’s dining hall. The Farm Manager cooperates with the School’s food preparation staff to grow what the School needs for its dining operation. The Farm Manager supervises and works on landscaping on the main campus, particularly in the orchard and around School buildings. The Farm Manager represents the School in area and regionally. The Farm Manager position is full-time and includes benefits, including medical insurance. Requirements for the position are:
  • successful experience in working on or managing a small-to-medium size farm operation
  • commitment to and experience with organic farming, including but not limited to vegetable and fruit production, crop planning and rotation, composting, cover cropping, and soil nutrient management, organic pest management, season extension, and hoop house/high tunnel production
  • ability to produce a variety of vegetables in the quantity required by the School’s programs
  • ability to work well with others and foster a cooperative spirit
  • willingness to teach others about sustainable farming
  • willingness to work with other staff to create a holistic approach to agriculture and environmental education
  • willingness to live in an isolated, rural area
  • honesty
  • cheerful disposition and sense of humor

The Farm Manager will also be required to help with security coverage of the campus as part of the regular work week.

PMSS is a National Historic Landmark located in the Appalachian Mountains of southeastern Kentucky on an 800-acre campus of mountains, valleys, forests, and streams. The school operates from over twenty buildings, including library, plant center, dormitory, residential homes, and a large central building. The school also maintains 25 acres and intensively farms over 5 acres.

In its early years, Pine Mountain was nearly a self-sufficient operation with a fully functioning farm, woodworking shop, print shop, and weaving and sewing rooms. Since 1972, the School has been an environmental education center using the surrounding forested mountains, streams and fields as outdoor classrooms. Approximately 3,000 students take classes at Pine Mountain during a typical year.

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Applications will be accepted until Jan. 24, 2013. To obtain an application please email Applications may be sent via e-mail to, or send via postal service to: 36 Highway 510, Pine Mountain, Kentucky 40810-8289, or brought to the office during the hours of 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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