Farm Manager Job in Maui, Hawaii

General Farm Manager Job, Bio-Logical Capital, Maui, Hawaii, 2012
We are searching for a farm manager who can apply agro-ecological techniques to production in this challenging landscape (steep topography, specific climate, and current soil conditions). The farm manager must demonstrate results with long-term species diversity, health, and productivity in mind. Additionally, the farm manager will serve as a professional face and voice of the farm when showcasing and promoting the operations to visitors and to the media. This will be a highly documented process.

General farm operations will include: management of beef and dairy cattle, sheep and pigs, poultry layers, fruit and vegetable crops, and, in the long-term, creation of a variety of value-add products.

The brand, and the physical farm and practices that support it will become the tool for driving social, environmental, and economic progress. It is envisioned to become a destination and is a chance to demonstrate that business, environment and community are not mutually exclusive.

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