Farm Policy 2012 Style – Serving the Public Interest or Misdirection

 RURAL LIFE DAY 2011: Farm Policy 2012 Style – Serving the Public Interest or Misdirection

Saturday, December 3, 2011; Alphonse J. Schwartze Catholic Center - 2207 West Main, Jefferson City, Missouri; 8:30 AM to 3:40 PM

State and national leaders in the local and healthy foods, family farm, and sustainability movements will join us on Dec. 3 for the 2011 Rural Life Day. With them we will examine the misdirection, restrictions, and opportunities contained in what is perhaps the centerpiece of global food and agriculture policy – the US Farm Bill. We will have the opportunity to hear and interact with the lived experiences of farmers and those that research and document the lives of family farm and food producers in the US.  And, we will endeavor to pull together the experiences and research with a faith that calls us to wholeness and place it into a vision and a quest for a better way to live on our fragile, abundant and fruitful, yet increasingly endangered Earth.

·      With Dr. John Ikerd we will experience the passion of a researched and reasoned academic’s call to ecological sustainability and the kind of public policy that would support it.

·      With Melinda Hemmelgarn (and assistance from Dan Hemmelgarn) we will be witnesses to a dynamic photographic storytelling of the American food and agricultural landscape.

·      With Richard Oswald we will hear in prose and poetry the authentic life and work of a fifth-generation American farmer.

·      And, with Brother David Andrews, we will hear and discuss the moral vision and practical applications that are essential to holistic and holy farm, food and environmental policy that would preserve, protect, and enrich the fundamental elements and resources of our Earth – for us and our children’s children.


Registration – $30 per person  (pre-payment required for pre-registration)

Checks payable to – Catholic Charities of Central and Northern Missouri (note for Rural Life Day)

Send to CCCNMO

P O Box 104626, Jefferson City, Missouri 65110

For more information contact-

Barbara Ross

Director of Social Services

Catholic Charities of Central and Northern Missouri

P O Box 104626

Jefferson City, M0 65110

573.635.9127 x225

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