Farm Scale Mushroom Production Online Course

Mushroom Production Course

Recent research at Cornell has documented the profit potential and market demand for forest-grown shiitakes and other mushrooms. Learn the techniques and get connected to great information sources via the 6-week online course

BF 150: Farm-Scale Mushroom Production – Growing Shiitake and Other Mushrooms for Fun and Profit.

This instructor-led course blends practical on-the-ground experience from farmers with the latest academic research. It’s also a chance to meet peers from around the country and connect, share ideas, and get feedback on your plans. And it’s our only online course that includes a table-top mushroom kit so you get to try hands-on mushroom production during the course!

The course costs $230 (including the mushroom kit shipped directly to you) and is offered from Tues. Sept 29 – Nov 3, 2015, with live Tues. evening webinars from 6:30-8:00p Eastern time.

Participants who complete all requirements of one or more Northeast Beginning Farmer Project online courses are eligible to be endorsed for a 0% interest loan of up to $10,000 through Kiva Zip.

Registration closes next Tues, Sept 29, 2015 at noon! Learn more and register today for BF 150: Farm-Scale Mushroom Cultivation!

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