Farm Starter in Austin Texas

Farmshare Austin’s (Texas) pilot program, Farmer Starter, is designed to provide aspiring farmers with the essential skills and training needed to run a sustainable farming business. Using a blend of hands-on in-field training and formal classroom education, students will gain practical knowledge and experience in sustainable organic growing methods as well as the business and financial planning skills necessary to establish a successful market farm.

Students will live and work on a three acre organic farm in an intensive six month immersion learning experience. Students will be exposed to all aspects of a working farm and will develop in-depth skills through this multi-seasonal program. Daily activities may include bed preparation, planting, weeding, irrigation, harvest, and packing.

Students will also receive 300 hours of formal educational time. Students will participate in bi-weekly classes, along with farm walks, discussions, workshops, and monthly local area farm tours with opportunities to work with and learn from agricultural professionals and expert farmers. Students will benefit from individual attention, small class size, and evaluations for educational and training goals.

Farmer Starter is looking for full time students to participate in our 2014 pilot program. We are seeking vibrant, enthusiastic candidates who are committed to participating in an intensive six month training program in organic farming.  Applicants should have a passion for sustainable agriculture and be prepared to submerse themselves in an inclusive learning community. We strive to select individuals who can contribute a diverse set of skills and knowledge, and are ultimately looking to create a healthy, happy, and active learning community.

The application process is open until August 15th, 2014 for the program beginning October 1st, 2014.

The program begins October 1st, 2014, and runs continuously through April 1st, 2015, with breaks for the holidays. Students are expected to participate 40 hours per week for a total of 24 wks. Students will live and work on a three acre diversified farm that sits on the fertile banks of the Colorado River about 25 minutes from downtown Austin. Students will be provided with on-farm housing and food staples.

Please contact Marissa Lankes with any and all questions about the program at or 512-337-2211.

Visit to learn more and apply online.

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