Farm Viability and Development Report from Good Food

Farm Viability and Development is the final report in the Michigan Good Food Workgroup Series. The information presented focuses on Michigan, but much of it’s content is applicable to states all across the country.

To lay the groundwork for its recommendations, this report:Farm Viability Report

–          Describes Michigan farm characteristics

–          Lay out challenges facing Michigan agriculture

–          Highlights opportunities to expand our agricultural economy

–          Discusses the four critical components of farm viability

The report then provides an overarching goal for 2020 and four agenda priorities, including implementation steps and a proposed timeline for each.

“Farm Viability and Development” is authored by Susan Cocciarelli, Michael W. Hamm and Susan Smalley (C.S. Mott Group for Sustainable Food Systems) with input from co-convener Tom Edison (Northern Innovative Communities) and work group contributors across the state.

All five reports in the series are available for download at

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