Farmer Position in Minnesota at Community Farm Incubator

New Farmer Position - Duluth, Minnesota The Duluth Community Farm has applications open for "new" farmers. Duluth Community Farm is a new urban edge farmer incubator. See The Duluth Community Farm (DCF) is a community based and sustainably developed social enterprise devoted to production, demonstration, and education around food, farming and gardening.  The mission of the DCF is a beginning and early-career farmer incubator for defined use of DCF lands.  DCF may also host plots by enterprise farmers and organizational farmer-gardeners.

DCF land is 20 acres located on the NW corner of Riley and Jean Duluth Roads north of Duluth, of which approximately 14 acres is arable. The majority of the acreage had been tilled within the last 6 years. In 2011, DCF engaged our first tenant, Seeds of Success, on a .6 plot. In the Fall 2011, DCF land was ‘brush hogged” and approximately 2.5 acres were tilled and cover cropped with winter rye in preparation for summer 2012 farm(er)s. Approximately, 15 yards of horse manure is in place and will be spread in the spring, 2012.

There is an irrigation pond from which water can be pumped for gravity irrigation. There is currently no electricity and any running and/or potable water. In summer 2012 a small shared tool shed and farmers’ market stand will be available for use by DCF farm(er)s.  DCF will provide an experienced farmer ‘mentor” to DCF farm(er)s (and potentially establish a formal relationship with the Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service (MOSES) for farm(er)s to participate in their ‘Organic University’ and conference on February 23-25, 2012).  DCF will facilitate access to but cannot yet cover cost(s) of irrigation materials, fencing, tractor, implements, etc. Non-financial assistance provided for marketing via farmers market and deliveries to institutions may also be available if desired. DCF will assist in connecting DCF farm(er)s up with relevant networks of growers, sources for seedlings, and other relevant knowledge and materials useful in creating a successful experience for farm(er)s.

2012 Farmer(s) Application

Application Process and Timeline: Limited space is available. DCF will review applications beginning December 1st, 2012 and will continue to accept applications until all space is filled. All successful applicants will advance to a second stage and will be required to provide an enterprise plan (download)  to a DCF farm committee. This step is intended to help successful applicants refine their plans to ensure success. This process also provides successful applicants a process to understand potential deficiencies in their plans and/or finances and the ability to withdraw their application, should they desire.  The goal of DCF is to help beginning farmers succeed.

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