Farmer Wanted in Long Island

farmer wanted
Farmer Wanted: Long Island Homestead Seeking Passionate Farmer
1) A brand new 1-acre farm on a 5-acre property that’s located in the North Shore of Long Island looking for the right person for a very interesting project. The goal of the farm is to provide everything necessary to be self-sustaining. This will include fruits, vegetables, grains, flowers, poultry and livestock. The right candidate will have experience in all of these fields or a strong desire to learn-A strong desire/work-ethic will outweigh experience.
2) This can be a full-time/part-time position. Housing can be provided in certain situations. $15/hr+
3) You will be working with the Property Manager who has a strong desire to learn all aspects of farming. Depending on experience you will be involved in all aspects of farm design. There will be a strong emphasis on organic, no-till, crop rotation, rotational grazing, etc. Pickling/preserving/fermentation/bee-keeping/cheese-making/bread baking/etc experience is welcome. A great opportunity for a young farmer who is looking to create something special from the ground up.
4) Send a resume/introduction/manifesto/etc to

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