Farmers: Tell Your Story About Finding Land!

Beginning Farmers: The Garden Justice Legal Initiative would love to hear about your story, or stories you’ve heard in your community, about having or not having land.  They are planning to compile these stories into a Land Tenure Strategy Handbook for communities.

Specifically, they’d like to know your tactics and tools for obtaining land, whether you’ve used organizing tools, legal tools, advocacy/policy tools, or gardening tools.  For example, stories about vertical gardening or creative garden lay-outs, use agreements with private owners, zoning ordinances in your community, land banks, land trusts, or other tactics you’ve been a part of, are helpful.  We’d also love to hear stories that have inspired you from other communities.

Finally, if you have any information regarding local or state government policies to promote access for agriculture on privately-owned, tax delinquent, abandoned land they’d love to add that to their resources. They will be disseminating all this information as soon as they can!

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