Farmers Win! The Super Bowl and Agriculture

Super Bowl XLV gets a Texas-sized push from agriculture (By Texas Department of Agriculture)

EXCERPT: When Super Bowl XLV kicks off Feb. 6 at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, football fans may be surprised to know how agriculture plays into the gridiron game plan. From leather footballs to fan-favorite snacks, the big Bowl would not be as Super without the products of farmers and ranchers. Regardless of which team you root for on Super Bowl Sunday, keep an eye out for the products of agriculture when the players start plowing the ball toward the end zone.

Producers win at snackfest (by Tim Hearden – Capitol Press Ag)

EXCERPT: The Packers and Steelers have yet to play, but the growers are already winning. Super Bowl weekend is a boon for producers of chicken, pork, avocado, vegetable and other foods just ripe for snacking. The National Chicken Council bets that about 1.25 billion chicken wing portions will be stuffed into the mouths of football-watchers on Sunday in between screams for their favorite teams.

Americans will consume nearly 70 million pounds of Hass avocados — mainly in the form of guacamole — during big-game festivities. that is enough to bury the Dallas Cowboys’ football field in nearly 27 feet of avocados from end zone to end zone, according to the Hass Avocado Board. And if surveys are correct, fans’ fingers will also touch down on many a plate of pork ribs, beef kabobs, cheese dips and fruit and veggie assortments during what is arguably the biggest party day of the year.

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