Farming Apprentice and Intern Wanted in Delaware

farming apprentice and intern

Farming Apprentice and Intern: The Kranz Hill Farm in Newark, Delaware is seeking 1 full-time APPRENTICE, and 1 full-time or part-time INTERN for 2018.  Applications run through May; positions may be filled as early as mid-March.

The Kranz Hill Farm is a rapidly growing vegetable farm, CSA, and market.  Our CSA, begun in 2010, expands each year, and last year numbered at 90 shares.  We opened a market on location three days a week, and expanded into retail sales of other local goods.  We are looking for an apprentice and intern to keep up with the busy pace of a growing business.  During the occasional long periods of menial work, conversation about the science, business, and philosophy of small-scale farming is strongly encouraged.  We also make a visit to a nearby farm each month to give apprentices and interns a rounded experience of local small-scale farming. Kranz Hill is hiring a farming apprentice and intern for the 2018 season.

Through daily involvement in the running of the farm, close and consistent engagement with the farmer, and personal responsibility for the success of certain tasks or crops, an apprentice is expected to mature in his competence and understanding of small-scale sustainable vegetable farming. An apprenticeship requires at least 360 hours of work during the season, and can last from March through November. Due to the small size of the farm, an apprentice must be happy to work alone for hours at a time, and remain diligent and competent without supervision. At least one season of commercial farming experience is preferred but not required.  Pay is $8.25/hour.  Housing may be available; please inquire at the interview.
An intern is expected to work at least 120 hours, be eager to learn, and enjoy the subtropical weather of a Delaware summer. No previous experience is expected, though Kranz Hill Farm welcomes experienced gardeners and farmers who would like to learn more about small-scale sustainable farming. Internships can be tailored to the interests, experience, and availability of the individual concerned: in 2015 Kranz Hill Farm offered an internship in the mechanical aspects of the farm, two general internships, and an internship in the care and keeping of chickens, donkeys, and goats.  Pay is $5/hour.
A Note to Applicants: Kranz Hill Farm uses solely organic farming practices, but has no ideological opposition to conventional or large-scale farming.  In addition to practical instruction and experience with small-scale farming, the farmers are also willing to talk about philosophy.  The farmers take farming seriously as part of the world we live in, and will teach about the benefits and detriments of the type of farming Kranz Hill Farm engages in, and how it fits into society and agriculture at large.
To receive an application for the apprenticeship, send us an e-mail at, with a paragraph about your interest in agriculture. To apply for an internship, send us an e-mail at, with a brief explanation of your interest, experience, and expected availability.
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  1. Housing is now available on-site for full-season apprentice!

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