Feed Mill Manager Job in New York State

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Feed Mill Manager Job in New York State for 2017

This farm is in a reasonable-cost, high-quality-of-life part of New York, with city, rural, and suburban living options all within a 20-minute drive.

Offering a diversified product line, the farm is in its fourth generation of family ownership, and on a strong growth curve, with holdings spanning several hundred square miles and significant acreage devoted to both conventional and organic farming.

Feed Mill Manager Job: We are looking for someone to manage one of our feed mills.  This person will handle calculating and adjusting feed mix ratios, procure supplies and service vendors, and perform simple equipment repairs.

Among the expectations, besides obviously relishing farm work, would be ability to work “farming hours” (this is typically a 50-55 hours per week job, with some Saturdays expected), physical strength and stamina (carrying and moving 50-pound feed sacks), no fear of heights (climbing 50-foot tank exteriors, in all kinds of weather), and the ability to qualify for a commercial driver’s license (CDL).

Candidates for the feed mill manager job should have some college (Bachelor’s degree strongly preferred), and either education or 3+ years of practical experience with animal feed and nutrition.  Proficiency with Microsoft Excel and use of analytical tools is expected.

Compensation is commensurate with expected impact, and experience and education, but would be in the $60-80k range, with some latitude above that for especially-qualified candidates.

The interview process will start with one or more telephone interviews with farm and site management, progressing to an on-location interview, with travel and lodging expenses covered.  Financial relocation assistance is offered, as is help finding a place to live (the person hired for the role will be responsible for housing and living expenses).

If you are interested in the feed mill manager job, please send a resume to 955137@gmail.com, using the message to outline relevant work experience and interests as applies to this role.  Please also provide a good phone number and suggested times (eastern time zone business hours are best, but other times could be worked out) for a 15-minute initial discussion.  Applications are being accepted until the position is filled, and as long as this posting is visible, the position is available.

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