Food and Farming in the News, Weekly Update

An 11-year-old Schools Us On What’s Wrong With The Current Food System: Birke Baehr shares his thoughts on the food system and ways to improve it on the TEDx “Next Generation” series.

California Farm Bureau Federation: Food & Farm News: This month scattered rain worries some farmers; strawberry production shifts south; olive harvest begins; farmers expect excellent kiwifruit crop.

10 Teched-Out Techniques for Saving Food: Gizmodo shares ten easy ways to use hi-tech tools to help prevent waste and preserve food.

The Food Groups Behind Eat RealRethinking The Food Pyramid: USDA Aims For ‘Superior’ Guide: The USDA is unveiling its new dietary guidelines in December as a way to improve upon the existing guide.

Commentary: ‘Agvocates’ Embrace Social Media Tools And Tactics: Farmers and ranchers embrace AgChat as a great tool for building bridges between farmers and consumers to empower communities and create awareness of the challenges farmers face.

Preserving Tomatoes: Summery-Freshness For Your Winter Dishes: Earth Eats’ picture slideshow lets you learn how to preserve your tomatoes throughout winter. The New York Times Magazine features some of the food crafters and vendors from the Eat Real Festival. Find out if your favorite food groups were featured.

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